oh my god i bought two dragons on two separate occasions specifically to breed them together and they’re flipping related



things to do today:

  1. warm up doodle of takuma in high school
  2. promo image for the bt demo launch 
  3. horror comic concepts

ive posted the most illegal move in wrestling history twice now on separate occasions and it never fails to get over 1000 notes

it’s just that fucking good



fav episode of king of the hill?

uhhhhhh god i dont think ive ever watched any particular king of the hill episode more than once

basically anything with dale. dale’s fuckin hilarious

what do you think of TheOatmeal

it doesn’t even exist in my periphery


i had the thought of editing ‘MENS RIGHTS’ on top of a kidz bop cover but i have discovered that kidz bop promotional photos actually have a 3:2 girls:boys ratio


i wanna try doing themed commissions again, but i dunno what

they’d prob be done in the $30 style but maybe a lil cheaper since they’d be more rigid

remember the pokewitches? those were so much fun

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